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Urbana area newspapers from 1822 - 2020 are available online through this site. Search by name, keyword, etc. or browse through the paper from a particular day on the link below... http://champaigncounty.advantage-preservation.com/
You may now reserve a study room or the meeting room online. If you have any questions, please contact the library directly.
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Parents and teachers


If you need assistance in selecting books for your child, please ask for assistance. The library has books in the reference section which will help you find books on certain topics or for certain age groups.

The staff may also be able to suggest books which may be of interest to your child.



There are a number of services the library offers teachers and their students...


Area teens in the 7th to 12th grade are invited to enjoy a space all their own in the library.  
Teens will find a collection of high interest books and magazines in the Young Adult area 
 located across from the front desk.

Book and Material Donations

Due to space, the library is currently accepting book and audiovisual materials in good condition on a limited basis.

Materials will be added to our collection if they are needed and meet the criteria of the collection development policy.  Other materials will be sold by the Friends of the Library, given to other libraries, or discarded.  Once a gift is accepted by the library, it will not be returned to the donor.

Researching the History of Your House


The following is just a few tips when researching your house – Check out the book "Discovering the History of Your House" by Betsy J. Green for more in depth information!

Four most important sources of written information:

1. Deeds

2. Old phone books and city directories

3. Newspapers

4. Obituaries of former owners.

Take photos of your home (from all angles). You can use this when discussing your house with others (including former owners) or when looking through old pictures of the area.

Research Requests


We at the Champaign County Library are happy to assist you in your genealogy research. If you live out of town, or are unable to come in and use our genealogy collection yourself, we do offer some basic research services. Keep in mind that time and staff constraints prevent us from assisting in detailed or large projects.

Champaign County Contacts

Champaign County Courthouse
200 North Main St
Urbana , OH   43078

Probate Court   937-484-1028
Common Pleas Court   937-484-1000

Champaign County Health Department
1512 South US Hwy 68, Suite Q100
Urbana , OH   43078

Champaign County Recorder
1512 South US Hwy 68, Suite B200
Urbana , OH   43078