Reading Programs for All Ages

Our year-round reading programs allow families and readers of all ages

o log and read books for prizes and badges. These programs are offered through Beanstack, which is our free online service that offers book and activity logging, recommendations and book reviews. Beanstack will automatically direct you to the appropriate activities based on your age. Show us how much you love to read by participating in one of our programs!

Check out our online event calender to view all the summer reading activities!

Instructional videos on using Beanstack are available after the list of active challenges.

Active Challenges

all together now

2023 is going to be Groovy at the Library!

Just stopping by the library makes you part of our club! All adults are invited to join us for a far out time in 2023.

Studies show that just six minutes of reading decreases blood pressure, lowers heart rate, and reduces stress by up to 68%. Just imagine if you read 100 books!

If you complete at least one book badge you will be entered in the grand prize drawing to be held in December. Throughout the year we will have special programs for all club members. Paper entries will also be available at the library.

1000 books

Enjoy reading 1,000 books with your little ones! Log reading and earn badges all along the way.

It’s easy to participate! For every book you read (yes, repeats count), your child will be one step closer to reading 1000 books before kindergarten! You can count books read to your child by anyone…teachers, siblings, grandparents, etc. Keep track of the books read on Beanstack.

For each 100 books read, children can stop in the library and place a leaf on the Readers' Tree and have their picture taken to share with family and friends! When you reach 500 books, be sure to stop in the library to pick up a prize.

It may sound like this is a daunting task, but if you read just 1 book a night, you will have read about 365 books in a year, 730 in two years and 1,095 in three years.


Take a deep breath in and out, notice where you are, and how you are feeling. Great job! You are on your way to becoming a more mindful person. Try this challenge and earn 10 new badges as you take some much-needed me time.  All Ages


STEAM is all around us! From the questions we ask, technology we use, and creative solutions we develop, our world is powered by STEAM. Learn more about its progress, pioneers, games, and activities in this interactive challenge!  All Ages



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