FAQ - Local History Room


  • Does the library carry past Urbana newspapers?


  • Do you carry other county newspapers?
    • St Paris and Mechanicsburg newspapers are available at the libraries in those towns.  We do have a few copies of newspapers from other Champaign County villages.  Please see the List of Microfilm for the dates available. 


  • Do you have local birth and death records?
    • Birth and Death Records were not required by the State of Ohio until 1867.  Prior to that year, there are no official records for births or deaths in Champaign County .  The library has birth and death records from the Probate Court that cover the years 1867 – 1909.  After this time, you will need to contact the Champaign County Health District for copies of these records. 


  • What is your microfilm reader policy?
    • The Champaign County Library has a microfilm reader/printer and a digital microfilm reader/printer.  We ask that if others are waiting to use the microfilm readers that you limit your time to one hour.  Copies are 25¢ each.  The machines are first come, first serve.  You may bring in your own microfilm/fiche to read.  If you choose to use the digital microfilm reader, you are able to save files to a USB drive.  You must provide your own USB drive.


  • What are the library’s hours?
    • The Local History Room is open the same hours as the library.


  • Do you carry the Champaign County Census Records?
    •  We have the microfilm for Champaign County from 1820 – 1930.  Complete census records are not available after 1940.  We do have indexes for the Ohio census records from 1820 – 1880. 


  • Do you interlibrary loan books or microfilm from your library?
    • We do not interlibrary loan reference items (including microfilm).  We do have some local resources that circulate and those items will be sent through Interlibrary loan if requested and available.  Please contact your local library to request an item from our library. 


  • How can I request records from your library?
    • General assistance with the resources of the genealogy collection is provided; however, the Library does not trace complete family histories or conduct in-depth research for patrons.  Requests for genealogical assistance may be requested in person, by telephone, mail, fax, or email.  Please email any requests to gmalone@champaigncountylibrary.org  There is no charge for information scanned and emailed.  There is a charge for any hard copies sent.


  • Am I able to take pictures of your records?
    • Yes, you may bring a camera (digital, video, etc) and use it in our local history room to take photos of documents, microfilm, etc.  We ask that you do not take pictures of individuals without their permission.


  • Do you have cemetery records for Champaign County?
    • We have actual cemetery listings for a small number of cemeteries in the county.  Often the official records are actually listings of those who purchased the plots, not the person who is buried there.  In the 1950’s and 60’s, the local chapter of the DAR compiled a set of books with tombstone readings prior to 1900 from the county cemeteries.  These books are available in the library.  For further information on county cemeteries, please contact either the church or township trustees for the area the cemetery is located.   Please see the Contacts Page for addresses to local officials.  
    • We do have Oak Dale cemetery records from the late 1850's -2006.


  • What if my ancestor is not listed in the obituary index? 
    • Your ancestor may have an obituary in the local newspapers even if there is not a listing in the obituary index.  The index covers a limited time period or they may have been missed.  If your ancestor is not included, and you do not know the date of death,  there are a number of free resources to find a death date:
  • Ohio Death Index  by the Ohio Historical Society - 1913 – 1944 
  • Social Security Death Index – This is a database of people whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration beginning about 1962. A very small number of deaths are listed before 1962. You will not find everyone who died from 1962 to the present, but it does list many deaths in that time frame, especially in more recent years (particularly from the late 1980s to the present). 
  • RB Hayes Obituary Index - An index to over 400,000 obituaries, death & marriage notices & other sources from Ohio from the 1830s to the present day.
  • FamilySearch.org - Name index and images of Ohio statewide death certificates, 1908-1953.


  • Do you accept donations?
    • The Champaign County Library is always willing to accept donations of materials of local interest.   Whether it is a history of a family, the county, a town, or a business, we would greatly appreciate the donation.   

      If your family has roots in Champaign County, please consider submitting a family chart or other family information to be placed in the local history room.  

      We are also interested in any photographs, postcards, or other items from the Champaign County area.  If you do not wish to part with the originals, we will gladly accept photocopies or scans.  If you bring the originals to the library, we will make copies of the items.  

      Please include contact information with any donations, so other researchers can contact you if they are interested in the same topic.


  • What services does the library offer in the genealogy room?
    • Microfilm reader/printer and one digital microfilm scanner.  Copies are 25¢ each.
    • Sight Enhancer -  this machine enlarges print materials for easier viewing.  Donated by the Lions Club.
    • A photocopier is located in the reference area.
    • Urbana Newspapers back to the 1820’s on microfilm
    • Champaign County Census Records on Microfilm 1820 – 1930
    • Ohio Census Indexes 1820 – 1880
    • Urbana/Champaign County Directories
    • 1874 Champaign County Atlas
    • Court Records including birth, death, marriage, and wills
    • Urbana City Schools Yearbooks
    • DAR Lineage Books
    • Roster of Ohio Soldiers
    • County Histories
    • Family Histories
    • Vertical File with newspaper clippings, pictures, etc.
    • And more!



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